Alan L. Smith
Chief Executive Officer

Alan serves as Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Resources. Alan has significant experience in petroleum engineering and field operations, as well as strong commercial and leadership skills from his experience at Quantum Energy Partners, Chalker Energy Partners, Ocean Energy, Burlington Resources, Ryder Scott Company and ARCO Oil and Gas Company.

Alan has led Quantum Resources since 2009. He manages the business day-to-day and solidifies the fund's team and strategy. In May 2010, he led the fund's successful effort to acquire nearly $900 million of properties from Denbury Resources, more than tripling the reserves of the company. Prior to Quantum Resources, Alan was a Managing Director at Quantum Energy Partners, where he actively worked with portfolio companies on strategic, operational and other value-building activities. Quantum Energy Partners funded Alan's two successful start-up companies Chalker Energy Partners I and II, where he served as President and CEO.

He serves as a board member for the Southeastern Region IPAA and is on the Petroleum Advisory Board for the Texas Tech Department of Petroleum Engineering. He was a former board member for the Houston Producer's Forum and a former advisor to the Texas Tech College of Engineering Dean's Council. Alan holds a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Texas Tech University.